Grout Cleaning And Sealing

We Do The Best Tile And Grout Cleaning In Tucson

Tile develops stains and dirt from traffic builds up over time in the grout joints, but our hand cleaning and sealing floors, shower walls, and countertops, will make them look new again!

Our technicians work on their hands and knees using a cleaner specially designed to pull dirt out of the pores and deep clean your grout joints in a way that machines cannot duplicate.

We do it all very meticulously by hand because we know from experience that a machine can’t clean as deep or thoroughly as we can by hand. Yes it takes longer, but the results are worth it.

Then once we’ve cleaned your grout, we apply a clear, penetrating sealer to protect your grout joints from future discoloration.

In the picture to the right the left side had been cleaned and the right side has not, and the difference if striking.

If you have stamped concrete floors we can also clean and seal them! Here’s a before and after pic of a recent job we did on a stamped concrete floor and you can see what a dramatic difference Cleaning and Sealing makes.

Here’s another before and after set from a job we did that we think shows very dramatically how beautiful these floors can be when they’re cleaned and sealed.

No matter what your need Arizona Grout Busters can help!

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