Arizona Grout Busters Will Clean And Seal Your Natural Stone

Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate on your floors surface, and it can become etched or scratched. When this happens, your floor will need to be professionally cleaned and sealed or further damage will ensue.

This picture is of a Travertine floor. Half is before we cleaned and sealed it and the other half is after being cleaned and sealed.  The difference between the left and right side is incredible.

Here is an example of how dramatic the change can be when flagstone is cleaned, color enhanced and sealed like this job we did for a client’s Kiva patio area.

Here Is a job AZ Grout Busters did on Flagstone steps. What A Dramatic Change!

Our technicians are highly qualified and very happy to provide these services for you!

This Flagstone entry floor we did looks new again!

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