Saltillo Cleaning, Sealing And Stripping

Stripping Saltillo is one of our specialties.  Stripping is done using a solvent suitable for the removal of the specific type of sealer that is on the tile.  Each job is different, but done in the same way.. we work on our hands and knees. No machines are used on the Saltillo due to the clay tile’s softness and the machine’s lack of detail and inability to get the sealer out of the grout and hard to reach places.

After the floor has been completely stripped, we will apply multiple coats of new sealer to achieve the desired seal and a consistent shine throughout.

We can also give your a Matte Finish instead of a shine if you prefer. We’ve had several clients who like Matte better and they’ve been very pleased with the results!

The solvent based stripper we use is a much better tile stripper than water based strippers that get some of the sealer off but not all of it. Leaving old sealer behind creates problems when you reseal it because there won’t be a true bond where the areas of old sealer were not completely removed.

Our finishes will give you a beautiful, long lasting shine on your Saltillo floors!

Also, if stripping isn’t needed we specialize in doing just a clean and seal without stripping it.

And in addition, we also do pop/lime repair, grout repair and tile replacement on Saltillo!

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