Tile Regrouting And Replacement

Shower Stalls – Tub Showers – Countertops – Backsplashes – The grout joints in these areas in time will begin to deteriorate and discolor.  Your tiles may still have their original beauty and shine.  Our solution is to remove and replace your old grout with new grout and caulking and make your shower look like new again at a fraction of what it would cost to replace your shower. 

ReGrouting will dramatically improve the look of a shower, like you’ve replaced the tile. Our technician will remove the grout and/or caulk from around the tiles and then replace it with new grout and caulk. This work is done in one day and you will be able to have full use of the shower again within 24 hours of completion.

Here is a beautiful example of one of our tile replacements jobs in a shower.

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